Defeat the distance
Stay one touch away with our app & bracelet.
Vibrations mimic their touch.
Send a touch wherever you are and never miss theirs. Keep your special someone close, with every touch kept in the app, ready for replay.

Share every moment with 
our bracelet’s features

Decorate your devotion. Enjoy a range of unique styles with our customizable bands and loops.
Light up your love. Allow each touch to shine by choosing a color to light up their bracelet.
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  • How do we pair the Bond Touch bracelets?
    The pairing is done via phone numbers by inviting the other user's phone number, each user needs to invite each other, and they'll be immediately paired.
  • Can I connect more than 2 people?
    No, Bond Touch only work in pairs at the moment.
  • Can we connect to each other while far apart?
    Yes, As long as the bracelets are correctly set up within the app with wifi or mobile connection, you’ll be able to send and receive touches to each other. You don’t need to be near each other to set up. Bond Touch connects partners no matter where they are.
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